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OREL IT is a global technology company that specializes in Artificial Intelligence Services and Machine Vision Technology. The company is making big waves across the globe in the spheres of software development along with AI based Research and Development, Data Science Solutions, IT outsourcing, UI/UX, and Cloud Services. Finwin is proud to be a part of a Tech giant such as OREL IT, a leading IT employer in South Asia with over 4000+ work force. As the official Middle East partner for OREL IT, Finwin overlooks and bridges the gap between OREL IT and its clients in the MENA region. 

Spear-heading the Finwin-OREL partnership in the MENA region, Mr. Kalinda Wickramage is an experienced CMO with over a decade of experience in the IT industry. Kalinda's team is backed up by Mr. Yuzraan Lantra, Head of Digital and Comms, Mr. Muditha Maduranga, Multi-Media Specialist, and led by Mr. Faroon Hamim, Finwin Group Chairman.


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Our Products

Ready, Set, Launch!

With an array of ready-products, OREL IT is bound to have a solution to whatever your requirement may be. From customising existing tools to developing from scratch, OREl has it all. 


Planogram is a revolutionary AI tool that can transform a shelf image, into a Planogram template within a few seconds. With Planogram, managing inventory and filling empty shelves has never been easier.

Wander Wallet

Wander Wallet is a mobile payment system that enables fast and secure transactions to both customers and merchants alike. Users can link their bank accounts, credit and debit cards and a variety of other payment methods to their virtual account and complete transactions with ease.

Virtual Health Assistant

Virtual Health Assistant (VHA) is an AI powered visual and audio solution that uses computer vision to monitor the activities of patients. VHA provides two-way communication between the patients and caregivers, allowing caregivers to respond to alerts more proactively.


Goal-Based Management of Institutional Portfolios


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